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High quality long duration time automatic manual mobile asphalt mixing plant

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Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
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Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Asphalt mixing plant
Produce Capacity:
15-18 t/h
JS3000 Compulsory Mixer
Discharging Volume:
Mixed Asphalt Temp:
120-180℃ (adjustable)
Fuel Consumption:
oil: 5-7.5 kg/t; Coal:13-15 kg/t
Optional Parts:
Coal, Wet Filter, Bag Filter, Conrol Room, Bitumen Tank
Control mode:
High-grade asphalt road paving and maintenance.
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45 working days after payment
Product Description

HLB-15 series Mobile Double Drums Asphalt Batching Plant consist of aggregate elevator, burner, asphalt weighing conveyor, filler weighing conveyor, walking device, PLC programmable electrical control cabinet, coal grinding and powder feeding device etc. Small area, can be dragged, short installation period, wide scope of fuel, easy operation, easy maintenance, reliable and compatible. Good quality of finished product, high technology, automatic, high degree of standardization, apply to the asphalt road's construction and maintenance.

Model  HLB-8HLB-15HLB-20HLB-30
Capacity 8-10 t/h15-18 t/h18-23 t/h28-32 t/h
Total Power Diesel25.6 KW43.8 KW53 KW69.5 KW
Coal41.3 KW63.1 KW72.2 KW100.6 KW
Colder 4m³*34m³*36m³*36m³*3
Mixed Asphalt Silo  ---5T5T5T
Mixed Asphalt Temp  120-180℃ (adjustable)
Fuel Consumptionoil: 5-7.5 kg/t  Coal:13-15 kg/t    
Optional Parts  Coal, Wet Filter, Bag Filter, Conrol Room, Bitumen Tank   

     Drummed Bitumen Melting Equipment (Container) is mainly composed by off-barrel tank, elevator, hydraulic thruster and electric control system. The tank is divided into tow room—the upper room and lower room; the upper room is barreled asphalt melting compartment with heating plates and pipes all around; the heading pipe and asphalt barrel exchange heat by radiation to make the asphalt  away off the barrel. There are several lead rails to let the asphalt barrel in. The lower room mainly keeps on heating the asphalt out of the barrels to the pumping temperature (100° C); and then heated asphalt is pumped into the high temperature tank by the asphalt pump; if the heating time is extended, a higher temperature can be reached. The elevator is in cantilever construction, lift the asphalt barrel by electric hoist, then move horizontally and put the asphalt barrel on the lead rails; then the hydraulic thruster push the barrel into the upper room; at the same time, at the outlet of the other end an empty barrel is pushed out. There is an oil groove on the platform at the inlet for asphalt barrels to collect the dropping asphalt.

     The inlet and outlet of the facility are with the automatic spring closure devices; they can close automatically when a barrel is push in or out to reduce heat loss. There is a thermometer at the outlet of asphalt for observing the temperature. 

Structures and Features:

1. The mixer puts the cylindrical drum as its main structure. Material feeding and drying are done at proper intervals, which ensures high mixing efficiency.2. The light, compact asphalt plant is also highly flexible. The trailer chassis can be easily and conveniently transferred to the job site.3. The plant is highly versatile. By adding different pulverized minerals, it can mix a variety of asphalt recipes.4. Bitumen is fed into the batching container at a specific time and volume to assure an accurate bitumen-oil ratio, facilitating ratio adjustment.5. The plant features stable mixing temperature and uniform blending. The unique bag-house avoids the weakness of single drum mixer where the bitumen is susceptible to ageing.6. Touch screen allows straightforward control. The PLC system allows for automatic, semi-automatic, and manual operations.7. The novel burner design can both use coal and oil as fuel. Ignition is done electronically and automatically. Complete combustion can be guaranteed for high heat efficiency. No slag should be formed inside the batcher.

Operation Cabinet:

1. The supervisory control and data acquisition software creates a user-friendly human-machine interface.2. Touch screen allows production data to be presented on the visual display. PLC system provides automatic, semi-automatic, and manual operation modes.3. Unique weighing functionality makes automatic, fast compensation for material shortage a possibility.4. Main production data are recorded and printed for ease of search.5. The mixing recipes and production parameters are conveniently managed to allow for diversified, practical processing procedures.6. Machine fault monitoring and alarming system is responsive and accurate.

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